Note that all antennas were destroyed in a storm in December 2017. This page describes the setup between about 2013 up to the end in 2017.


All antennas are located on a flat top roof, which is about 10m above ground level. Pictures can be found in the gallery.

Tower 1: 31m (+ 10m building)

  • 10m: 5el/5el (30m/18m) stack
  • 15m: 5el/5el (41m/28m) stack
  • 20m: 5el (32m) sharing the boom with 40m
  • 40m: 3el (32m) sharing the boom with 20m
  • 80m: 2el (35m), Rotary Dipole (perpendicular to the Yagi, 37m)

Tower 2: 18m (+ 10m)

  • 10m – 40m: Optibeam OB17-4 with 6/4/4/3 active elements (27m)
  • 30m: 2el (22m)
  • VHF/UHF-Antennas

Tower 3: 10m (+ 10m)

  • 10-20m: Optibeam OB9-5

Inverted L for 160m

Station (main setup)

FTdx5000 + ACOM 2000A
FT-2000 + ACOM 2000A
K3 + Expert 2k

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