About us

Update December 2017: All antennas are down. Currently DL1A is QRT.

We are a contest team operating from DL1A, a private station optimized for amateur radio contest operation by Toffy, DJ6ZM.

Contest operations at the present location, a furniture store in Germering (10km S/W of Munich) started around 2004, when the station woke up from a long hiatus, with most antennas dismantled.

Over the following years, a team around the owner Toffy, DJ6ZM built up a competitive station which is now active with the callsign DL1A in the Multi/Single or Multi/Two category in most major contests. Over the years, we also activated the calls DM9K (mostly for WPX) and DA0HST (IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championships 2011 in Germany) from this location and served on 40m CW as a part of the DA0HQ activities in the IARU HF Championships 2012 and 2013.

This website contains a description of our station (antennas and hardware) as well as our contest results of the past years.